Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Unanimous! or Null and Void Part 2!

This time, FIVE Supreme Court justices have all voted to uphold a ruling made in March by a Manhattan Supreme Court Judge about the 19 school closings and charter co-location of Pave Academy within P.S. 15K. Once again, the judges ruled that the city did not follow state education law when placing these 20 schools on the chopping block! Interestingly, it was a fact that almost all attendees of January's all-night PEP meeting were painfully aware of as parents, students and teachers stayed until 3:00 am to fight for their schools. It is important to point out that parents joined together to bring this issue to the appeals court in this case, but this violation of state law has been happening and continues to happen all over the city with the issue of school closings and more specifically co-locations and extensions of co-locations of charter schools within our city's public schools.
Mayor Bloomberg had an interesting response, he stated: "There's a whole bunch of kids that at least for one year will get a terrible education that ... they'll probably never recover from." It's interesting since HE HAS BEEN THE ONE IN CHARGE OF SCHOOLS for the last eight years. He worries about one more year at a "slated to close" public school when he should have offered genuine support to those very schools from the beginning. Mr. Bloomberg, there are many public school teachers worrying if they, their students and the current Department of Education will every recover from the heinous mismanagement that is mayoral control of our schools.

Thank you thank you thank you to the parents that made this ruling happen, not once, but twice!